About Us

About Us

Established by Amaka Lawton in 2021, the Alpha- Omega WPS Foundation is a non-profit organisation inspired by the United Nations Security Council Resolutions on women, peace and security. The resolution seeks to reaffirm the vital role women play in preventing and resolving conflicts, negotiating and building peace, peacekeeping operations (for military women), humanitarian response and post-conflict reconstruction.

As a result of this Resolution, the Alpha-Omega WPS foundation exists to involve, educate and assist women in local communities to achieve peace and security. We also seek to protect women from systematic oppression, misogyny and racism.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution, peacekeeping and women's place in it is of paramount importance to us at the WPS foundation. We intend to use women's position as peacemakers and nurturers to deter people away from a life of crime and show them a path full of enlightenment and personal empowerment.

We believe that education, employment and equal opportunities are all factors that help prevent crime and other forms of conflict. Therefore, our foundation aims to provide these support for women, young adults and children who might be susceptible to radicalisation or violence both in a domestic and international setting.

Making Women Feel Safe

Are you a woman that has ever felt scared to walk down a dark alley at night? Or, even walk down a street in broad daylight for that matter? Have you ever been scared to take public transport on your own? We bet there is an alarming number of women who have felt this way and we want you to know, you don’t have to feel like this anymore.

With the rate of attacks on women in the UK always seeming to be on the rise, it becomes more imperative to educate more women on basic safety guidelines and identifiable red flags as well as offering general refuge for victims of domestic abuse and rape. Our Foundation aims to work with women in vulnerable communities while simultaneously providing support and empowerment.

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