Men Supporting Women

While you may not hear a lot about  it, feminism and gender equality is not a fight purely for women; the issue of gender equality very much involves men too. Only 4 in 10 men identify themselves as feminists. This admittedly needs improve! Afterall, feminism at it’s core is all about promoting equality through all aspects of society.

The fact so many men feel disenfranchised with the concept of feminism is alarming and this needs to change. Afterall, gender equality can not be achieved with male issues being addressed and also men supporting women in their fight for equality. 

Through men supporting women, we will achieve the end goal of gender equality much quicker and in turn, men will garner the support and equality they require. Feminism also supports the empathises of men’s mental health and the right for men to also feel safe. Celebrities such as Emma Watson have highlighted how feminism has a direct relation to men's wellbeing and issues. She also highlighted the importance of bringing men in on the fight for an equal society. This popular notion has been echoed by many feminist speaker.

Since the first wave of feminism, the movement has been littered with men supporting women. From defacing sexist advertising billboards, working at women's refuges and marching in women rights protests.

In short, the fight for gender equality involves men too! Men are always welcome to come onboard and support our activities and workshops.

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