Community Collaboration

At the Alpha Omega WPS Foundation, we firmly believe that our greatest impact is achieved when we come together as a community. Collaboration lies at the heart of our mission to empower women, promote safety, and nurture well-being. It's a powerful force that drives positive change.

We understand that change is not a one-person journey but a collective effort. When diverse minds, experiences, and resources unite, we can tackle complex challenges and create meaningful solutions. Our commitment to community collaboration is deeply rooted in the belief that together, we can achieve more.

Through partnerships with local organisations, community leaders, and passionate individuals, we aim to amplify our impact. We recognise that each person and entity brings unique strengths to the table, and by pooling our resources and knowledge, we can address issues that affect women more effectively.

Whether it's addressing women's safety, promoting education, or supporting well-being, community collaboration is the cornerstone of our approach. Together, we can build a safer, more inclusive, and empowered community for all women.

Street Angels Nantwich supported by Nantwich Town Council

In Nantwich town centre, we have established the Street Angels Nantwich, a community-driven initiative generously supported by Nantwich Town Council. Our clear mission is to create a safe space with dependable individuals for those who may find themselves vulnerable late at night.

Our vision is one of unity and collaboration, where we work seamlessly with local law enforcement, Cheshire East Council, Health Authorities, and the managers and door staff of the town's pubs and clubs. Together, we strive to make a united network of support for our community.

What sets our Street Angels apart is their exceptional communication skills, compassion and extensive training in providing the right welfare and support for vulnerable individuals. They are equipped with operational deployment knowledge and conflict management expertise.

Street Angels are not just a presence; they are a force for good. They play a pivotal role in reducing crime and ensuring the safety of our community, especially during the vibrant nightlife hours. Their calming influence on the streets late at night creates a more secure environment for everyone.

Our initiative isn't just about crime reduction; it's about enhancing the overall night time experience in Nantwich. By providing a safer environment, Street Angels elevate the town's reputation as a pleasurable and secure night time destination.

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