You have probably heard most of the facts by now. Statistically speaking women are more likely to paid less than men for doing the same job. In addition, executive or managerial positions for women are not as readily available for women as they are for men. 

In some countries, women are not even allowed to go to work, let alone establish a happy and fulfilling career. They are expected to stay at home and cook, clean and look after children. These are just some of the more archaic ideologies that can found all over the globe. 

We encourage and support women to develop their own career path as well as having the relevant opportunities for career progression available to them. Rather unsurprisingly, we believe women should get equal pay, equal job opportunities, the option for career progression and general career fulfilment. 

Similarly, we believe women should have the right to feel safe in all aspects of life and this is no different in the workplace. There are often frequent reports of sexual harassment or general discrimination directed towards women in the workplace. This has to stop. How can women establish a career if they don't even safe in their own working environment.

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