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Your donations will help many different causes and communities around the world.  We are always striving to make sure your donations go as far as they can and with your generousity and support we can help to make the world a safer and happier place for women of all ages, race and culture.

Counselling - your donations can help us provide help, guidance and counselling to women who have suffered trauma and upset in their lives

Parenting Classes and Career training for women - encouraging and supporting women in the workplace

Mentorship and Career guidance for Teenagers - helping to give the best start to young teenage girls

Workshops for schools - keeping children safe and teaching them how to look after themselves online and in the real world

Support for your generation and the next

Alpha Omega WPS Foundation is here to support women of today but also to educate and provide guidance to the women of the future. If we can help to keep our children safe and provide them with the right upbringing then the future is looking bright.

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