In the UK, almost 60% of females aged 18-24 participate in higher education or other high standards of academia. This number is actually  much higher than the percentage of young male participants. 

While this figure is promising, the prospect of women in the educational sphere was not always so straightforward. Even in the western world, women's access to high quality education has not always been so readily available. In the UK, it was not until 1867 that a woman was accepted into a university for the first time. At the time, education was very much considered an androcentric affair. Even when women were granted access to high education or even education in general, they were not treated with the same level of acceptance or taken as seriously as men were. 

Furthermore, on an international scale, women’s place in education is not as secure. In many countries around the world; girls and young woman are deprived of education entirely. Almost 130 million girls are out of education worldwide!

We believe that it is every girl's or young woman's right to sufficient and high quality education. Education is an important feature in anyone’s lives and it is arguably education that shapes the people we become, how we view the world and the opportunities we will have available to us. 

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