It is estimated that there are just over 40 million female refugees internationally with that number increasing every day. Many of the aforementioned refugees are female. Additionally, most fleeing war torn countries in an attempt to escape persecution based on: race, gender, social affiliations and even political opinion. 

With the the current developments in Ukraine changing how we view and protect refugees hour by hour; sheltering and protecting refugees (and more specifically female refugees) has taken on a whole new meaning. Refugees fleeing catastrophe from their own country is not a new or surprising issue. Furthermore, it is not a new issue affecting women. For example, thousands of women fled Afghanistan during the western invasion. All you need to do is take one look at the news in the past 20-30 years; you will find countless examples of women and refugees in general seeking a better life. 

Once women arrive in a new country, many of them are shocked to learn that they have not fully escaped the oppression. 1 in 5 female refugees face the unspeakable prospects of sexual violence. This further highlights the need of thorough and sufficient protection once they arrive in a new country. 

These kind of facts have to stop! Female refugees have to start feeling safe when they arrive in a new country seeking a better life! At the WPS foundation, we support female refugees from all kinds of backgrounds and ethnicities. We strive to make their experience in a new country as welcoming and as safe as can possibly be.

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