With over 40 million female refugees globally, the numbers continue to rise daily, reflecting the escalating crises that force people to flee their homelands. Our foundation is deeply committed to humanitarian efforts and we know the importance of addressing the unique challenges faced by female refugees.

The majority of female refugees are escaping war-torn countries, seeking safety from persecution based on race, gender, social affiliations, and even political opinions. Recent developments in Ukraine have dynamically reshaped perspectives on refugee protection, emphasising the critical need for shelter and support, especially for women.

The issue of refugees, and particularly female refugees, is not new, as evidenced by historical events like the Western invasion of Afghanistan, which led to the mass exodus of women seeking a better life. Unfortunately, even after arriving in a new country, female refugees often discover that they haven't fully escaped oppression. Shockingly, one in five female refugees faces the prospect of sexual violence, highlighting the pressing need for comprehensive protection upon their arrival in a new country.

At the WPS Foundation, we stand as a beacon of support for female refugees from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities. Our mission is to ensure that their experiences in a new country are not only welcoming but also safe. We believe that every woman, regardless of her origin, deserves the opportunity to rebuild her life without fear of violence or persecution.

Offering Comfort with the WPS Kitchen

Here, our commitment to humanitarian efforts extends beyond gender boundaries, encompassing the holistic well-being of all refugees, regardless of age or gender. Recognising the diverse needs of male, female and children refugees, we strive to create a support system that addresses the unique challenges faced by each group. Our mission is grounded in the belief that everyone seeking refuge deserves compassion, protection, and an opportunity to rebuild their lives. By fostering a community that transcends cultural differences and embraces unity, we work to ensure everyone is met with empathy and support.

In the face of global challenges such as war, terrorism, and drought, migrants seek refuge, sometimes arriving in England via small boats and becoming integral parts of our communities. We acknowledge the hurdles faced by both migrants and the host country and aim to offer support in every way we can. In September 2023, we welcomed the Eritrean and Ethiopian community with a delicious feast in our Alpha Omega WPS kitchen, providing comfort in the familiarity of ethnic cuisine.

Similarly, our ongoing program welcomed Afghani asylum seekers and refugees to a delightful Afghan kitchen. This event not only provided solace to families far from their homeland but also showcased the unity within our diverse community, a core value at WPS.

Winter Clothes Appeal

Our winter clothes appeal garnered immense support from the local community, reflecting their compassion and solidarity. Donations of coats, jackets, sweaters, hats, gloves, scarves, boots, and even brand new Clarks kids shoes poured into our security hub. Tesco and George Asda generously contributed clothes hangers, recognising the significance of these donations for local refugees and asylum seekers escaping war or human rights violations.

As individuals forced to flee their homes due to conflict, persecution, or human rights violations arrive in unfamiliar territories, they often face the daunting challenge of adapting to different climates. The harsh winter conditions can intensify their already difficult circumstances, making access to warm clothing a critical necessity. Winter clothes appeals, such as the one we recently conducted, play a pivotal role in providing essential protection against the cold. The generosity of local communities in contributing clothing ensures that refugees and asylum seekers can navigate the winter months with dignity and warmth.

At the WPS Foundation, we believe in building bridges, fostering understanding, and creating a world where refugees can start anew with dignity and security. Our mission to empower, protect, and uplift these resilient individuals as they strive for a brighter future.

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