Posted On : 01.04.22

Most people will agree that no matter your age, gender or race; everyone should be treated equally as well as having the same opportunities available to them. The Alpha Omega WPS foundation supports equality for everyone whilst empathising a particular interest in women’s rights. Although many communities have made significant strives forward in regard to gender and overall equality, there is still much progress to be made. 

For example in the US; black women had to wait for two amendments to be past  before being allowed to vote. This of course being the amendment allowing people of colour to vote; and then the amendment finally allowing women to vote. The presence of black women was particular unique as they faced legal and societal discrimination and as many would point out; they still do to this day.

History is littered with discrimination towards women based on their ethnicities and even their sexual orientation. Overall, around 80% of lesbian women report feeling unsafe or unwelcome in their own society and this number only increases for transgender people.

No matter your age, sexual orientation and race; we believe that your voices should be heard and you should be allowed access to equal opportunities.  So why not join us today in the fight for equality?

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