Welcome To Our New Website!

Welcome To Our New Website!
Posted on 17.03.22
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Welcome To Our New Website!

We are the Alpha Omega WPS foundation and we want women to feel strong and secure! Our foundation seeks to spotlight women’s part in peacekeeping efforts, general security, humanitarian response and post-conflict resolution as well as showcasing some of the fantastic work women do. 

We want equal opportunities, equal pay and equal representation! To do this, we need your help! You can donate either via our website, by our telephone line or via our social media pages. 

Our New Site

And we are very happy to showcase our new sleek website. As you can probably already tell; we are very proud of it. Here you can see what we stand for and what we plan to do. We have broken down why we believe certain topics require particular attention and why and how we seek to tackle it. 

Some of the areas we believe require particular attention include: general equality, investment in sport, education, career aspirations, shelter refugees and overall safety.

Built into our site the appropriate button to donate. We are extremely grateful for all of your your donations and we would like to reassure you that your donations are being used in fantastic efforts.

Charitable Organisation

At the Alpha Omega WPS foundation, we understand the importance of helping and supporting other people. We do not just showcase the importance of women’s rights in Crewe, we support the overall push for gender equality on an international scale. 

In addition to the great work we do regarding women’s rights and security; we support the below charities: 

  • Motherwell
  • NeneTLC
  • St Pauls Centre
  • Cheshire Without Abuse
  • The Lighthouse Place
  • Black Mums in Cheshire
  • Healthwatch Cheshire

So if you are interested in being part of a fantastic charity supporting women’s rights, please get in touch. Alternatively, why don’t you attend one of our many fantastic events coming. There is always something exciting happening at the Alpha Omega foundation. 

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