Elvis Fundraiser Gig

Elvis Fundraiser Gig
Posted on 30.06.23
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Elvis Fundraiser Gig

In a world where music has the power to bring people together for a noble cause, the Elvis Presley legacy continues to resonate. Recently, our Elvis Fundraiser Gig took centre stage at the Crozzy Crewe, featuring the immensely talented Paul Larcombe Elvis Show and The Graceland Band. This electrifying event aimed to raise funds for our mission to improve the lives of women and girls across the community. 

When it comes to capturing the essence and energy of the legendary Elvis Presley, Paul Larcombe stands out as an excellent entertainer. His stunning tribute act transports audiences back in time, recreating the magic and charisma of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll himself and has even performed solo for the late Queen and the Royal Family!

The Graceland Band was full of incredible musicians and the talented ensemble perfectly replicated the infectious rhythms that made Elvis a musical icon. Everyone had a fantastic time singing and dancing along to every song.

The power of music to inspire change was on full display at the Elvis fundraiser gig. Fans of Elvis Presley and supporters of our mission gathered under one roof, united by their love for the King’s music and their shared commitment to creating a more equitable and peaceful society. The event not only provided an exceptional entertainment experience but also served as a platform to raise funds and awareness for our meaningful cause.

Thanks to the incredible generosity and enthusiasm of attendees, the Elvis fundraiser gig exceeded all expectations. The support from sponsors, including remarkable companies and individuals, provided an incredible raffle with lots of sought after prizes. All the funds raised from the night will contribute to our ongoing and future initiatives, enabling us to continue our work in promoting peace, empowering women, and fostering positive change.

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