Migrant Support

At Our Safety Starts Within Hub service for Cheshire, we are dedicated to transforming lives and combating poverty and discriminatory practices that impact the dignity and well-being of women. We specialise in assisting women in overcoming mental health challenges, physical obstacles and barriers to accessing support services for Domestic Abuse (DA), Honour-Based Abuse (HBA), Forced Marriage (FM) and Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).

Our team comprises women from diverse backgrounds who bring lived experiences of racial inequality, educational and economic disadvantage, enabling them to offer culturally sensitive and expert support to vulnerable women.

The Outreach and Counselling Hub supports British and ethnically diverse women in Crewe and Nantwich, including vulnerable migrants, asylum seekers and refugees. We provide confidential and accessible support, culturally appropriate services with interpreters, advice on employment law and discrimination, housing and debt support, as well as guidance on navigating benefits and personal independence.

Our services extend to counselling, creating a non-judgemental space for women to address worry, anxiety, and depression. We aim to empower diverse communities with essential information on UK laws related to domestic and gender-based violence. Through partnerships with law enforcement and other agencies, we strive to make services more inclusive and culturally appropriate, reducing social isolation and vulnerability.

Our goal is to ensure that every woman accessing our hub feels safe, supported and connected, empowering them to tackle challenges, build resilience and improve their overall well-being amidst economic and social hardships. Together, we work towards creating a society where every woman can thrive.

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