Reflecting on an Inspiring International Women’s Day Event

Reflecting on an Inspiring International Women’s Day Event
Posted on 13.03.24
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Reflecting on an Inspiring International Women’s Day Event

International Women’s Day serves as a powerful reminder of the ongoing struggle for gender equality and women’s empowerment worldwide. It’s a day to celebrate the achievements of women and acknowledge the work that still needs to be done to create a more inclusive and equitable society. This year, it was incredible to host an event to commemorate International Women’s Day in our own security hub with the theme of resilience, bringing together individuals committed to championing women’s rights and safety.

The event featured three exceptional speakers whose stories resonated deeply with the audience. Parveen Smith, a global speaker and award winner, shed light on the importance of mindset when overcoming adversity. 

Shona Duncan shared her journey of resilience in overcoming the pressures of working in a male dominated industry. Her unwavering determination to pursue her career despite barriers she has faced throughout her life inspired everyone in the room.

Lastly, it was an absolute honour to hear Mina Baghdadi’s incredible personal story. Her extremely emotive talk brought home the reality of oppression women still face daily in the UK and across the world. 

One of the most enriching aspects of the event was the interactive session where attendees had the opportunity to share their own stories and experiences. In a safe and supportive environment, participants opened up about the challenges they’ve faced and the triumphs they’ve achieved. From tales of resilience to calls for action, each story contributed to an incredible discussion of empowerment and solidarity.

Reflecting on the event, several key takeaways emerge:

Unity in diversity: The event showcased the power of diversity in driving social change. Regardless of background or experience, attendees united in their shared commitment to women’s safety and empowerment.

The power of storytelling: Personal narratives have the power to inspire and educate. By sharing their stories, speakers and attendees alike demonstrated the transformative potential of storytelling in advancing women’s rights.

Call to action: While progress has been made, there is still much work to be done. The event served as a rallying cry for action, urging individuals and communities to stand up against gender-based violence and advocate for systemic change.

The International Women’s Day event was a testament to the resilience, strength and solidarity of women worldwide. Through inspirational speakers, interactive sessions and heartfelt conversations, attendees came together to celebrate progress and champion the ongoing fight for gender equality. As we look to the future, let’s continue working towards a world where every woman can live free from fear and discrimination, building a safer, more inclusive world for all.


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