Amaka Lawton

Amaka Lawton

Amaka Lawton

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

I was born in Nigeria and I am the youngest of seven children. I am currently completing a four-year Doctoral research on women’s agency and inclusion in security matters in conflict situations.

I was called to the Nigerian Bar as a Barrister in 2007 and also hold a Masters Degree in International Human Rights and International Criminal law from Bangor University Wales. I am currently a Director in Alpha-Omega Securities Limited

With a military background and a practical experience of working closely with women on issues pertaining to their security, I developed the passion to ensure that women do not only get enhanced protection but that they also contribute actively in this area. I have also worked with women affected and displaced by armed conflict and their experiences have greatly shaped and inspired my desire to set up a charity in this regard.

With the recent ugly incidents of rape and murder of women making the headlines in the UK, the issue of women’s security has become a vital and contemporary one needing immediate and collective attention.

The Alpha Omega WPS Foundation was formally incorporated on 24th September 2021 to work together with men and women in our local communities and eventually, nationally to give a voice to women, educate, empower them in addressing security concerns in whatever form.

In Nigeria, I have co-founded the Alpha Omega Women Peace and Development Foundation alongside my husband, Ken Lawton. Our aim is to provide security through empowerment. We empower and give aid to women widowed by conflict in the northern region of the country to ensure that they are not made vulnerable due to their needs. Also, in the other parts of the country not affected by conflict, we empower and educate women in order to develop their agency. We also offer scholarships to children in conflict areas to prevent them from being targeted and recruited by armed groups.

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