Assisting the Knife Angel’s UK Tour

Assisting the Knife Angel’s UK Tour
Posted on 25.05.23
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Assisting the Knife Angel’s UK Tour

The Knife Angel, a remarkable statue crafted entirely from confiscated knives, made its way to Crewe this month, sparking conversations about the harmful effects of violent behaviour on our communities. We wanted to use this visit as an opportunity to educate, promote non-violence, and provide essential support to make our community safer. 

Composed entirely of blades collected from amnesty bins and police forces across the United Kingdom, it serves as a powerful reminder of the devastating impact of knife crime. Our WPS founders Amaka and Ken Lawton were honoured to receive Anti-Violence Educational Awards for assisting the tour of the incredible statue. 

One of the primary objectives of the WPS and our fantastic volunteers during the Knife Angel’s visit was to educate the community about the far-reaching impact of violent behaviour. Through connecting with members of the public we aimed to shed light on the social, emotional, and psychological consequences of violence, emphasising that it extends beyond the immediate victims. By fostering a deeper understanding of these effects, we aim to mobilise the community towards a collective commitment to non-violence.

In addition to raising awareness, we also want to promote non-violence as the path towards resolving conflicts and building safer communities. Recognising the importance of personal safety, we also used our time during the Knife Angels visit to promote free self-defence classes to empower individuals with the necessary skills to protect themselves. These classes provide practical techniques and strategies for self-defence while promoting confidence, awareness, and personal empowerment.

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