Feel Safer When Walking Alone At Night

Feel Safer When Walking Alone At Night
Posted on 17.03.22
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Feel Safer When Walking Alone At Night

At Alpha Omega WPS foundation, one of our key values is female security. We want women to feel safe no matter their surroundings or environment. 

With the rate of the attacks on women in the UK always seeming to be on the rise, with the facts even worsening on a global consensus; it seems just as important now as ever to empathise women’s overall overall safety and general security.  

It is estimated that roughly 50% of all women would feel unsafe going out alone during the night time. This further extends to most women’s general hesitation to attend heavily crowded areas such as large scale events and even less crowded places such as railway stations or other forms of public transport. 

While it should be everyone’s right to feel safe; there is no doubt that there will always be an element of uncertainty. As such, it is advised to take some necessary precautions in order for you to feel more safe.

If you are a women and have ever felt unsafe when walking alone at night, check out some of our essential tips to help you keep safe.

Tell Someone What Your Plans Are

Whenever traveling alone, meeting someone new for the first time or just generally differing from a set routine; it is advised to tell someone of your plans. This is primarily so something was to happen, the other person could seek emergency care straight away.

Always Carry Your Phone With You

While many younger people carry their phone to listen to music or even make social calls, we employ you to ensure you are carrying it for another reason. Always having your mobile phone on you offers a fantastic line of support in case of an incident.

Know Your Surroundings

Traveling in places you know at night can be particularly nerve wracking and this feeling amplifies when it comes to traveling in locations you have not previously travelled. 

Knowing your location and subsequent surroundings is extremely beneficial as it will help you spot anything unusual making it much easier to avoid potential problems. 

Avoid Suspicious People 

While on the topic of knowing your surroundings and avoiding anything suspicious, you will want to avoid any suspicious people. Knowing how and when to identify someone suspicious is extremely effective and this can again identify a potential problem before it arises. 

Wear Reflective Clothing

Wearing reflective clothing might be extremely effective at helping motorists identify cyclists. However, wearing reflective clothing is also helping with helping you stand out from the crowd enabling someone to easily identify you in case of an incident. 

Trust Your Gut

To help keep yourself safe, you will want to trust your gut. All of the above points and tips encompass the idea that you are ultimately best at sniffing out any potential danger. It might surprise you just effective your gut at helping you feel safe. 

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